About Us


We are mission driven to; a) provide candidates from historically underrepresented groups access to senior executive and boardroom opportunities, and b) provide companies seeking to diversify their executive teams and boardroom access to qualified candidates from historically underrepresented groups.


We envision c-suites and boardrooms that truly reflect our diverse population. Not just in numbers, but values as well. We also envision the realization of diversity, equity, and inclusion that permeates not only c-suites and boardrooms but throughout the entire company and society-at-large.

Meet The Founder

Stephen Scott

Over the past two decades, Stephen Scott has held senor-executive, c-suite, and board positions. As such, he is keenly aware of the challenges members of historically underrepresented groups face in being considered, and more importantly, selected for these opportunities.

"I am fiercely committed to moving diversity, equity, and inclusion within corporate leadership beyond aspirational goals and into reality."